Biographical information:

I graduated from North Greenville University with a Bachelor of Arts in International Business and a Masters in Business and Administration. In 2002 I began working at Classic Photography in Seneca, SC. I was initially hired to work in the production department of the company. Within a few months they began asking me to do candid photos at events with Clemson University Greek Life. Greek Life involves Fraternity and Sorority functions and Group Bid Day photographs. I then became involved in University and High School graduation ceremonies covered by our company, including those of Clemson University, University of Kentucky, and San Diego State University, to name a few. I have been a Team Captain for the past 8 years. During these years I have taken graduation photos in 21 states, including Alaska. My love of photography has grown to become not only my career but also my personal passion. I decided to create my own business so I can do photography in many settings outside of university events.

My vision for my photography business:

I enjoy several types of photography including event photography, scenery shots, family portraits, family and other group candids, and corporate portraits. I am very eager to capture the memories my clients are looking for and will cherish forever. My goal is to provide a quality product as well as a quality experience through the entire process from taking the photos to delivering the final images. I prefer to meet with my clients prior to the date they have chosen for their event or their candids. In this way, I gain a good understanding of what each client is looking for – both in pictures and in styles. I will take photographs in any setting of your choice – from outdoor, indoor, or to very structured portraiture in your home or with various types of backdrops and props. I work in a relaxed manner and spend as much time as is needed or wanted by my clients. I very willingly reschedule due to inclement weather or family/business issues that may occur on the original date chosen for the photographic event. I am very detail oriented and take pride in providing the best final product that is possible. You will be able to download your images from my website and/or be given a digital hard copy of all of the final images so you can share them with your friends and family.